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Asylum has effectively been banned

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2024 | Asylum |

Asylum is a process that has long been used in the United States to offer protection to people who have a genuine fear of persecution, injury or death in their home country. They can illegally enter the United States and then ask for asylum, allowing them to stay because deportation would put them directly in danger.

However, the Biden Administration has recently released a new order regarding asylum. Their stance is that asylum won’t be used as long as more than 2,500 immigrants are illegally crossing the southern border every day. Because the numbers are so high, the administration hopes this will work to lower illegal immigration. As long as so many people are coming across, those who do know they don’t have the option to use asylum.

When will it resume?

In order for the asylum ban to be lifted, the government wants to see the number of illegal crossings drop under 1,500 each day. If it stays below this number for two weeks, then those entering the country can begin using asylum again.

But this effectively means that asylum has been banned, at least for the immediate future. After all, more than 2,500 people have been entering the United States every day while Biden has been in office. The numbers haven’t been under 1,500 per day since the pandemic drastically slowed immigration. It’s unclear when they’ll be that low again, if ever.

This is a major change to immigration tactics. Those who are coming to the United States must be well aware of their legal options.