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Can you help your retired parent move to the United States?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Immigration Law |

Some people enter the United States because of political unrest in their country of origin. Others get visas so that they can study in the United States or pursue a job here. The government even grants investor visas to those who want to start a business.

Family immigration is another way that people legally enter the United States. People who get married to a citizen can travel to the United States, as can certain other family members of those living in the country. You may have been able to enter the United States with your spouse and children, but you may have more family members back home.

If your parent is still a citizen of your country of origin, can you help them move to the United States to live with you and your family?

There are immigration programs for parents

Parents are some of the direct relatives that can immigrate based on their relationship with someone in the United States. Depending on your prior relationship with your parent, there will be certain kinds of documentation required to affirm their role in your life. Many people only require birth certificates, but adoption paperwork or court paperwork from your country of origin may be necessary in some cases.

Provided that you can affirm your relationship with your parent and they can pass a background check, they could be eligible for a green card. However, only the parents of United States citizens are typically eligible for green cards and the right to live in the United States. If you are a permanent resident but not a naturalized citizen, you may not be able to help your parents lawfully enter the country.

For some immigrants, the desire to reconnect with their parents could be a strong motivator to complete the naturalization process. There is an interview, and most aspiring citizens will need to pass tests in both English and United States Civics. Once you become a naturalized citizen, you could potentially help your parents enter the United States, as well as your siblings or even your married, adult children.

Learning more about family-based immigration rules can help you preserve the relationships that matter the most to you between you and your loved ones.