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What influences sentencing when a person is convicted of a crime?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

People who are facing criminal charges usually hope that they can either be found not guilty or not have to face a serious sentence. There are sentencing guidelines in place that help to determine what sentences are possible for specific convictions.

The court will consider these things as they relate to the case. This enables them to set a sentence that fits the circumstances.

What will the court consider during sentencing after a conviction?

The court will usually start out by considering the person’s criminal history. Typically, people who have already been convicted of a crime will face harsher punishments than those who are convicted of an initial charge. In some cases, the overall criminal history is considered.

The circumstances of the crime are also considered, including the status of the victim. If victims consist of law enforcement officers, people who are disabled, and certain other groups, the potential penalties may be more severe.

It’s also possible that the court will look at the remorse the individual shows for having committed the crime. This won’t apply to all cases but it’s likely that it will help when it is a factor.

Anyone facing criminal charges should ensure that they know the possible sentences that they’re facing. This can help them to determine what defense strategy they’re going to use to fight the charges. Trying to minimize the sentence is often a goal of the defense. Working on the defense quickly when you’re facing these charges gives you time to consider all possibilities.