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Can prescription drug possession lead to charges?

| Nov 8, 2021 | Drug Charges |

Many people believe that prescription drug use is safe, and they think that because a medical provider ordered the medications, they cannot be harmful. The reality is that these drugs are controlled because they’re not safe enough to be sold over the counter. They are restricted for many reasons, some of which include potentially leading to overdoses or addiction.

If you have a prescription for pain medications or other drugs, then it is only for you. If you share it or give away the drugs to others, then you could face prescription drug charges. 

Three charges for drug crimes in California

There are three charges that you could face for drug crimes in California. These include infractions, misdemeanors or felonies. If you carry a drug you have obtained illegally, you could be charged with possession. If you carry that substance with the intention to give it away, sell it or otherwise distribute it, then you could face charges for possession with the intent to sell. Possession for sale is a more serious charge. 

How can prescription drugs lead to drug charges? Aren’t they legally sold? 

Even though prescription drugs are not illicit, you can still possess them wrongfully. If you are caught with drugs that aren’t your own or have more of a drug than was prescribed to you, then you could face serious penalties. It’s important to learn more about your rights, so you can defend yourself and protect against unfair penalties.