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3 times you might qualify for a green card

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Immigration Law |

A green card can change your life as an immigrant. A visa only gets you into the United States of America. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you get to stay forever. Different visas are eligible for renewal, but eventually, those here on a visa will have to leave.

Applying for a green card can give you the legal right to stay in the United States for the rest of your life. Although a green card does not grant you all of the same privileges as citizenship, it is still a stronger form of protection than a visa. When might you be eligible to obtain a green card?

When you have successfully secured a work visa

Those who qualify for specific work visa programs may eventually qualify for a green card as well. Those with exceptional skills and higher education will have more options for a green card when they enter the country with a work-based visa. Those who work as physicians may receive special consideration.

When you have a family member in the United States

If you have a close family member living in the United States, you may qualify for a green card because of your relationship. A spouse, parent or child who lives in the United States could potentially sponsor you if they have a green card.

Family members who are citizens of the United States can also help you. Even your brother or sister might be able to assist you with obtaining a green card after they become a United States citizen.

When the United States grants you refugee or asylum status

Some people don’t come to the United States for work or family reasons. They come fleeing persecution or because of something terrible, like a war or natural disaster. People in different emergency situations might qualify for asylum or as refugees. Some people in the United States through these programs can apply for a green card after they have been in the country for at least a year.