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Does racism play a role in immigration to the United States?

| Oct 24, 2021 | Immigration Law |

People decide to apply for a visa to come to the United States for the chance at a better life. To do this the legal way, they have to apply for a U.S. visa. This takes time and money, but the process and cost aren’t the same across the board. 

Typically, individuals from poorer countries pay more fees and have more requirements than those from wealthier countries. Some advocates note that this places Black individuals at a disadvantage when trying to come to the U.S. 

How does the immigration process frown on Black immigrants?

Around 76% of Black immigrants face deportation because of criminal matters. In some cases, this is nothing more serious than a traffic infraction. When you review deportations across the board for all races, a criminal basis for the deportation occurs in less than half of all cases. 

Recently, many Haitians have come to the U.S. seeking asylum because of the assassination of the president and increased gun activity and financial hardships there. Those individuals have also had to deal with a major earthquake that rocked the small country. This influx has highlighted the cruel way that many immigrants, namely those who are Black, are treated when they try to come into this country. 

Activists note that sweeping reform is needed to correct the issues with the current immigration system. Many aspects of this system should be reviewed and revamped. This includes the limitations based on country of origin and types of immigration petitions to the treatment of immigrants at the borders. 

Anyone who’s hoping to immigrate into the U.S. should ensure they’re handling their application properly. Even small errors could mean that the application is ultimately denied.