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Reasons why your green card may be revoked in California

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Immigration Law |

A green card is a significant milestone in the immigration process and a big step towards gaining full citizenship in the United States. Being a lawful permanent resident means that you can live and work in the US indefinitely, receive federal benefits and — eventually — apply for legal recognition as a citizen.

There are eligibility criteria defined by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) whereby one may apply for a green card — but be warned: A green card can be revoked or canceled for various reasons. Outlined below are three reasons why your green card may be revoked:


Any form of fraud in the application process or providing misleading information could lead to a revocation of your green card. Such instances include marriage fraud or being deceitful in any part of the application about your past.

Involvement in crime

While misdemeanors may not mean a direct revocation, some crimes can endanger the status of your green card. Such crimes depend on their seriousness, and you may be surprised at how seriously relatively minor things — like the possession of marijuana — is treated.


Your green card could be revoked on the grounds of abandonment. It means that you either moved to another country to reside there permanently, were outside the US for an extended period, or failed to file tax returns while living in the US. 

What to do after revocation of your green card

The ramifications of a green card revocation can have far-reaching effects on yourself, friends and family since deportation is a real possibility. However, you can appeal the cancellation of your green card. Although immigration laws are complex and ever-changing, being knowledgeable about aspects of your case will ensure you are not flying blind.