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Should you consider expungement? 

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

There are many stereotypes surrounding people with criminal records. It can be easy to forget that some convictions involve very minor infractions, such as traffic offenses. In some cases, an individual might have made a silly mistake when they were a teenager. 

People deserve a second chance, and this is what expungement can offer. Having your record expunged essentially provides you with a clean slate. In practical terms, how might this help you? 

Access to housing 

It’s not uncommon for landlords to carry out background checks, and a criminal record will appear on these. They do this to find out whether or not the prospective tenant is trustworthy. 

Landlords tend to be wary of renting to someone with a criminal record. They may not be willing to hear your side of the story or consider how long ago the offense occurred. Having your record expunged can make this problem go away and give you fairer access to housing. 

Job opportunities 

Like landlords, employers generally carry out background checks on prospective employees. While laws are gradually starting to change in terms of not restricting access to job applications, the final decision on who gets the job still ultimately lies with the employer. 

Employers can be hesitant about bringing someone in with a criminal record. They may unjustly think of them as a potential liability. Often, the true reasons behind the rejected application won’t even be revealed. By expunging your record, past convictions should no longer appear on employer background checks. This means that you can be judged based on your worth and not something that you want to put behind you. 

Expungement is not a straightforward process, and it isn’t always easy to obtain. Legal guidance can help you find out if you’re eligible.