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Do the police need a warrant to search your vehicle?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Police officers have a duty to keep their jurisdictions safe. One way that they do this is through traffic stops. When you’re stopped, do the police need a warrant to search your vehicle?

The answer to this depends on the circumstances, but it’s fully possible that the officer will have a lawful right to search your vehicle even if they don’t have a warrant. Without a warrant, there are four reasons why police officers might have the right to search your vehicle.

Four circumstances for a lawful warrantless search of a vehicle

  1. Police officers will likely ask you if you consent to a search of your vehicle before they do one. If you say they can search it, they are free to do so without needing a warrant.
  2. Another time when they can search your vehicle without a warrant is when you’re arrested. The search must be related to the arrest. For example, they can search for a weapon if you’re arrested for a robbery.
  3. Police officers may search your vehicle if they probable cause to think that your vehicle contains evidence of a crime.
  4. They may also search your vehicle if they believe that they must do so to protect themselves. This is often the case if there’s a reason to think a person has a weapon in the vehicle.

Anyone who’s subjected to a vehicle search that they believe was unlawful should learn their options for addressing the issue. This might become a critical component in your defense strategy, so be sure that you review your options.