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What will they ask you at a green card marriage interview?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Immigration Law |

There are numerous ways to get a green card to stay in the United States, but one of the most common is for an immigrant to apply on the grounds that they have married a U.S. citizen. The government clearly does not want to break up marriages, so green cards are often provided.

That said, they are also aware of the potential for fraud. Couples have sometimes pretended to be in love when they really just got married, so the other person could stay. This is considered an abuse of the green card system, and interviews are conducted to determine the validity of a marriage.

The questions may be simple, but they are important

A lot of the questions are quite simple, but that is the point: A couple in a true relationship would easily answer them in a similar fashion, whereas a couple that isn’t in a relationship may tell conflicting stories or stumble over the details. Some questions you get asked could include:

  • Who came to the wedding? Were both sides of the family there?
  • What was the ceremony like? Did you head home afterward or go on a honeymoon?
  • Where was your first date? Who asked the other person out?
  • Who proposed? How did the proposal happen?
  • Who does most of the housework?
  • When do you tend to go to bed? When do you wake up?
  • Do you have any daily rituals, such as family dinners or watching TV before bed?
  • What is your favorite restaurant as a couple?

As you navigate this process, be sure you know about all of the legal steps you should take.